Centre of Excellence and Machine Learning Tools for an Insurance Broker

A company in the insurance industry in London required our services to set up an RPA centre of excellence. Following on from some successful pilot automation projects to showcase the benefits of RPA, we then set about setting up a centre of excellence for the client. This involved working with developers of other disciplines other than RPA to train them on the RPA tool used and work through any issues they encountered.

It was proposed that an RPA solution could perform work on a process to extract information from lengthy contracts and process it. It transpired that these contracts weren’t uniform, some were scanned images, and some parts were handwritten, which didn’t make the process an ideal candidate for RPA.
We opted to build a separate piece of software to identify parts of the document that contained the desired information, corrected any misreads from the OCR read, and extract the values required. Once this had been extracted and stored, the robot could process the information to create a fully automated end-to-end process.

The combination of RPA and custom software proved powerful, and is something we’re always on the lookout for when identifying processes for automation.