Microsoft Power Automate is Here.
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Create automated workflows with Microsoft Power Automate.

Quickly automate your workflows, enable business logic to simplify app building, and model your processes across connected data sources and services.

We can identify processes that are ripe for this type of automation, and even help you convert current processes to this cheaper and more effective platform.

Below is a simple workflow that validates invoices and sends out overdue reminders to customers


RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is the process of taking basic human interactions and converting them into autonomous processes performed by a computer. Automated processes can vary in complexity from performing simple tasks to following complex workflows to achieve a desired outcome.

Below is a simple Robot that mimics a claims operator in an insurance company.

Typical Load and Work robot using UiPath

We have a different outlook.

Sonix Software Developers come from the larger robotics companies and have worked on industrial scale robotics projects in Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath. We believe this can be done in-house, and will radically change the way in which companies deploy Robotic Automation. All it takes is a little guidance and training. Sonix can offer a range of training courses, to begin your robotic journey.

Typical Roboic Process to download a file and enter it on a bespoke system

We also offer something different.

We have the technology skill-set that other robotics firms lack. We don't contract our staff to do a job, we employ experts. Experts that can train your staff. We devise your process identification steps, guide and train a development team, and help until you have a fully functional and sustainable robotics team in-house.

How we approach RPA

Process capture and define

Our developers will visit you to capture the process you've earmarked for automation. As the developer is capturing the process, they are in a prime position to explain what the robot can and cannot do. They can also ask your experts any technical questions they need to know that will for the robot to be built.
The defined process will then be documented for your approval, ready for us to begin designing and developing the robot.

Process build

What we do best, building robots. Once the process has been defined either by us or by you, we'll build a reliable solution that meets our high standards. Processes are built using components, which are essentially building blocks which are made to be reusable wherever possible.
What this means is that these reusable pieces are tried and tested and also have the added benefit of speeding up the implementation process so you get your robots working sooner!

Process Implementation and Aftercare

After your robots have been built and tested, we'll then move them into live and get them working for you so you can reap the benefits. In case of any teething problems that may have not been foreseen.
Our developers will be on hand for the first couple of weeks of a new process to ensure everything is working smoothly. We can then manage the process for you or hand it over for you, whichever works best for you.

Alternative solutions

Sometimes, a robot might not quite do the trick. For those more complex solutions, it may be necessary to introduce other technologies to create an optimal solution. Our multidisciplined developers that work in software development as well as RPA are best placed to combine the best of both worlds.
Whether you want to introduce an element of machine learning to allow the robot to make decisions or circumnavigate certain applications to achieve the same goal – our team will use their skills and knowledge to ensure you have the most optimal process possible.